How to Fix W202 Power Seats

If you have a W202 C-Class with power seats that don’t work or work intermittently and all the fuses are fine then chances are this relay is the root of your problems.


Power seat relay failure is a common problem with W202s. As the relay ages the soldered joints on the circuit board get brittle and break. Thankfully it is a very easy fix and should only set you back about £40 if you order a new relay or £0 if you are good with a soldering iron. The 10 digit number is the part code you will need if you decide to order a new one.

The relay can be found in the boot of the car.


You will need to take the carpet out to access it. If you’ve not done it before just literally get hold of this black plastic handle and pull it up. It will slide out easily.


Ta Da! You might not be able to see it too clearly on this photo but the relay is under a plastic sheet between the spare wheel and rear seats.


The panel is held in by these three plastic screws. Just pop them out with a Philips head screw driver.


Here is he relay. Just pull it out, pop your new one in and test it to see if it works! Simple as that!


If you are feeling adventurous or you are a dab hand with a soldering iron you can try to fix the old relay. The seven pins you see at the bottom of the printed circuit board are your likely culprits. Inspect the solder around them for any hairline cracks and re-solder as necessary.


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