Die-Cast Chicken Van Slot Conversion

Every now and then it’s just nice to have a good sort out and throw away everything you no longer need. I was having such a clear out in the attic the other day but for some reason I could not part with this old chicken van I had when I was a kid.


The rear doors and serving panels (for want of a better term) open up to reveal some chickens spinning on a spit. It’s a cool little model and since it’s pretty much 1:32 scale I think I can make something of it!

I also have my Betta and Classic Porsche. Whilst I like the product I was not happy with the decals or the way the paint turned out. I’m sure I will give another a go at some point but whilst I still had this eye sore I have a perfectly good Slot It chassis sitting under it doing nothing. So it was time for it to go!


The Slot It chassis is a little overkill for this particular project. It’s more suited to race cars than cumbersome metal chicken vans the wheel base and over all length and width are easily adjustable and at least in the chicken van it will at least get used from time to time. The adjustments made getting it from under the Porsche and into the van nice and easy!


The most important part of the project for me was keeping the interior and the spinning chickens. The interior is actually in two halves but has a nice clear join that can be stuck together once removed from the original floor pan.


The interior was all held into the floor pan by plastic pins. I just trimmed them off with side cutters to make sure they don’t foul on the new chassis.


Then it’s just a case of sticking them together, sticking that whole interior into the body and then putting the new chassis in the body!


The chassis actually sits on the edge of the body. If I put it inside the wheels fall well inside the arches and with it sitting how it is they sit nice and flush. I used original UHU to make the bind between body and chassis as it’s nice and strong and if need be I can cut through it with a scalpel to remove the chassis.

If I flip it back over this is what it looks like finished!


A quick little project just for a bit of fun. I’m glad it worked out and I can give this little van a new lease of life with it’s full interior, including the all important spinning chickens!


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