Crossout Review

Crossout is the new free to play multiplayer experience from Gaijin Entertainment, the developer who brought us the aircraft and tank battle simulator War Thunder. It’s a post apocalyptic game which is focused on vehicle to vehicle combat.

The game’s biggest feature is customisation. Each player can build his or her vehicle from the ground up out of components that are unlocked throughout the game. The possibilities of creation are absolutely vast; players can build light weight fast machines or vast heavily armoured, heavily armed tanks.

The base of any vehicle is the cabin. The driver obviously sits there but each cabin has a different mass and strength too which will affect the way in which your overall build will behave as do the other components. Each cabin also has power points. Power points are spent by adding things to the vehicle that require additional power. For instance ballistic weaponry, weapon coolers, jet engines, etc etc. This van cabin that is meant to look like a Mercedes Sprinter cabin has 9 power points. It’s four machine guns, radar and weapon cooler add up to 9 power points. I’ve built this to look like a traditional van too.

sprinter backsprinter

Another vehicle built with the Sprinter chassis is this sniper/field gun build.

anti tank

The damage in this game is set up to be a mix of War Thunder and World of Tanks. Each component of a vehicle can be targeted and destroyed but the vehicles also have an overall health which is deducted every time it is hit. Therefore you can either choose to hit your enemies with lots of small shots which wittle down their over all health like my first build with the four machine guns, or you can use bigger slower firing guns that do a lot more damage every time they hit an enemy. There are also shotguns, laser guns, missile launchers and armed UAVs which the player can choose to utilise. There are a number of melee weapons for those that want to get stuck in and ram the enemy. Some don’t cost power points such as the big knives on the front of my builds and some such as spinning drills or chain saws do require power.

The game also has lots of different modes containing lots of different situations to which you can cater your builds. “Missions” are player vs player games. The group of 12 players is split up into two teams and either play “Encounter”; where the two teams meet in the middle of the map to fight for one capture point, or “Assault”; where each team has a base at wither end and you have to capture your opponents base.


The “Get the machine gun”, “Get the shotgun” bit under missions is a indication of what components you might get for winning the game.

“Raids” are player vs AI games. In these situations you normally have to protect a supply truck as it crosses the map or defend oil pumps or supply depots from attacking assailants.

“Brawls” are normally player vs player matches too. Unlike missions they are normally everyone vs everyone. Free for All is as it suggests, all against all in the player’s own vehicles, Big Black Scorpions is a free for all but all the players have identical vehicles, Storm Warning is a free for all but the map gets smaller and smaller as a violent storm encompasses it and Races are a circuit race with no weapons allowed.


The Brawls are open to play on a rota. For instance Storm Warning will be open one week then Race the next. I’ve built a small vehicle for the races. The jet engines on the back are a temporary boost to power. They only stay on for a couple of seconds and then have to recharge. the more there are, the bigger the boost! The cabin is a cockpit from a 50s/60s jet fighter.

All in all I think it’s a good little game! It’s much more fast paced compare to Gaijin’s other title War Thunder so you can get a good few games in half an hour. There’s a lot to keep the audience involved too and Gaijin are always adding new things to the game which will keep you coming back.

For a free game, it’s brilliant!

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