#ad BOTB Top 10 Super Cars of 2017

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To celebrate, I thought I’d compile a list of the coolest super cars I’ve seen at shows throughout 2017. Remember that if you want one of the more modern cars featured on this list you can win it with BOTB!

10. Big Ball Rally Bentley

This Bentley Continental GT is the promotional vehicle for Big Ball Rally. A multi-destination, cross Europe adventure! Rallies such as Big Ball, Gumball, Pure Rally and The Cannon Run look like amazing fun although Rust 2 Rome is probably more in my budget haha!

Despite now getting a little long in the tooth, these Bentley Continentals are lovely inside and I would imagine are a pleasure to drive with the 6 litre W12.

Big Baller Rally Bentley

(Photographed at King of the Ring Round 3)

9. Mercedes AMG GT

Despite not having the character of the SLS Gullwing it’s hard to deny that the AMG GT is a fantastic product! It features the powerful and reliable M17- series V8 also featured in all the modern 63 series products. It’s a great all round sports car, being luxurious and smooth enough for long distance trips, nimble enough to take on track days and (dare I say it) practical enough to use as a daily driver!

Mercedes AMG Brand sHatch.JPG

(Photographed at Brands Hatch Masters)

8. Modified R35 GTR

Even though it’s a great car in it’s standard form, the R35 GTR has become a staple car of the tuning world. People have built these things into 2000hp drag cars, built drift cars out of them, enhanced them to get even faster lap times or have built stunning show cars out of them.

This one looks like it can handle itself with those beefy Michelin tyres and look at the size of those brakes!


(Photographed at King of the Ring)

7. Lamborghini Gallardo

Another car that I suppose is getting a little long in the tooth. I was never a huge fan of these as a kid as a dude who lived me owned a convertible one and he wasn’t a particularly nice chap. They’ve grown on me over the past few months though. I think seeing videos of 1500-2000hp twin turbo charged cars racing in the UAE might have helped that.

This one at Brands Hatch Masters was super clean and clearly well looked after. The black paint with the silver wheels and yellow details is a nice spec too!

Lamborghini Brand Hatch

(Photographed at Brands Hatch Masters)

6. Ferrari F40

The F40 was the last car commissioned by Enzo Ferrari himself and is THE poster car of boys born in the late 80s/early 90s. Only 1311 were built over the course of 5 years and the youngest example is now 25 years old, it’s a pleasure to see these anywhere!

Lcc F40

5. Lamborghini Countach

Is there a car that’s anymore 1980’s than a Lamborghini Countach? With it’s wedge like, straight edge design that is synonymous with the era with the huge wing, 350bhp V12 and an interior that needed 12 cow skins to make. It just screams 80’s excess!

The car was also the choice of people who were making money in a less than legal fashion. If you drove one of these in the 80’s you had to be pushing a lot of cocaine or selling a lot of dodgy stocks! Owners ballin’ hard!

Countach Brooklands

(Photographed at the Brooklands’ Double Twelve Festival)

4. Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

500 of the Ferrari LaFerrari hybrid hyper-car were built which was then followed by another 210 roadsters aptly named Aperta (Aperta is Italian for open).

I’ve had the pleasure of crossing several standard LaFerraris in my time but saw my first Aperta at the London Classic Car Show. I doubt many of the exclusive car made their way to England thanks to our dull weather and I would imagine it takes a very brave man to drive a luminous yellow car around they grey streets  of our capital!

A stunning car though, I’m sure it drops jaws wherever it goes.

Lcc LaFerrari Aperta

(Photographed at the London Classic Car show)

3. McLaren P1

The current flagship of McLaren’s road car fleet. This hybrid hyper-car came in a famous trio alongside the Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 918. In my opinion the McLaren has always felt a little bit more hardcore and track focused than the others. The others are all great cars but the P1 certainly has something about it that makes it that little bit more special…

Only 375 cars were built for exclusivity and all of the cars were allocated in one month! A highly popular car and for good reason!


(Photographed at London Classic Car Show)

2. Lamborghini Miura

The Lamborghini Miura is the first iteration of the modern, mid-engined, two seater super car. It was built by Lamborghini engineers as a side project that Ferruccio Lamborghini had no interest in. The car was displayed on Lamborghini’s stand at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show and the positive reaction from the masses convinced Lamborghini to put the car into production shortly afterwards.

The Miura was produced until 1973 and the example I stumbled upon at the London Classic Car Show could not be any more 70’s in that vibrant green!

LCC Lamborghini Muira

(photographed at the London Classic Car Show)

1. Aston Martin DB10

I’m not sure if this counts as it’s a bespoke concept car rather than a production vehicle but it’s very special so I’m including it and I’m putting it in the top spot!

The Aston Martin DB10 was a concept car created for the James Bond film Spectre as a celebration of the 50 year old partnership between the film franchise and the car manufacturer.

10 cars were built in total, 8 to be used in the film and 2 for promotional purposes. In 2016 both of the promotional cars were sold to a private collector so it was really good of him/her to bring one to London’s Classic Car Show.

Lcc DB10

(Photographed at the London Classic Car Show)

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