Believe in Yourself.

This is a bit of an unusual blog post but I haven’t really had the opportunity to just sit and type whats going on in my mind for a fair few months now.

Henry Ford, who some would argue is a fairly important figure in the history of the automobile, once said “whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t you’re right” and he was absolutely correct!

Unfortunately many people, including myself, seem to lack the bravery to achieve their goals. We become content in our little comfort zones and it strangles our ability to grow. If we have a comfortable career that pays the bills then we don’t seem to want to advance ourselves and pursue what we want for fear of financial shortcomings. If we have a little friend circle we don’t want to expand even if the people in that friend circle are negative people for fear of being alone. In the world of mental health we will get to a certain stage in our recovery and then we will stop as we are able to live our lives from that point with having to combat things that are scary.

I suppose it’s a part of our wonderful fight/flight response. Whilst we aren’t taking risks then we aren’t in any sort of danger which is great but if we don’t take risks then we can’t reap the rewards and quite frankly, if you’re reading this then you deserve the rewards as you are helping pay my bills haha!

So if you have something in mind that you want to do then promise me that you’ll start setting yourself up and work towards that goal of yours and I’ll work towards mine! We can be motivated and we can succeed together!

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