Back From The Dead 3: BMW to Corvette Conversion

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At the moment “Back From The Dead” is sitting atop a Penelope Pitlane chassis that I took out of an old resin shell I made a few years ago and was no longer happy with. You can read about that here.

The car goes really well with that chassis under it but really the chassis is a bit too good (and far too expensive) to be sitting under that rubbish old shell so it was time to take it out!

We’ve also once again been snowed in (in March?!) so this was the perfect opportunity to get this done.


A while ago I but a drift style Mazda RX7 using a Scalextric C3 Corvette chassis which is front motored rear wheel driven (Read about that here) but got rid of the shell and kept the chassis. It was good fun to slide around though and I think it deserves to be brought back into life!

C3 chassis

Luckily enough, the wheel bases match up perfectly!

wheel base

First thing to do is to do is to take out the mounting for the Penelope Pitlane chassis. The chassis is literally screwed onto a wooden dowel that is hot glued into the shell so all it’s a case of doing is pulling the hot glue off. If you’re a hobbyist of any description, but especially if you are a slot car builder, you need a hot glue gun! They are so handy!

Then comes the fun process of mating the new chassis to the shell!

The Corvette chassis is actually the perfect width to glue into the BMW shell but the chrome wheels and thick tyres that came with it were far too big to fit under the arches which is a shame as they’re a really nice design!

After a lot of playing around with different tyres trying to keep the chrome wheels I decided to go with Mini wheels and tyres. The shell will need trimming, and the chassis will only be about .5mm from the floor but it will fit! I believe it’s what the kids would refer to as ‘slammed’ though.

test fit 1

Some shaving needed to be done to allow the wheels and guide to fit. When I took out the original floor pan I stuck the lights and grill in with Poundshop super glue. I removed them again to trim away some of the backing. If you ever need anything temporarily stuck I highly recommend Poundshop super glue as it’s never a permanent fix.

cut out

Voila! With a little Poundshop super glue on the sides it fits! It doesn’t take long to dry but you can use the time you have to adjust the ride height (If for some bizarre reason you want to try this yourself)

finished 1

It does sit very low but on flat track it runs ok and doesn’t ground out. I wouldn’t run it on any sort of track with an incline though haha!

For sliding about it’s alright! Looks the part at least being a BMW and having the motor in the front definitely helps with the pendulum effect. Really, it’s just a bit of fun and I have no doubt that it a couple more weeks time it’ll be coming apart again for another revamp.

done take 2 1done take 2 2

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By Richard Francis

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