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Established in 2010, drifted.com is one of the largest media outlets dedicated to drifting. I’m sure those of you that are into drifting would have heard of them and would have seen their articles but for those of you that haven’t, here’s why you should visit their website:

In the 8 years they have been about they have created over 800 articles ranging from news in the drifting world to car and driver features to technical pieces. Over the years they have grown their website to not only accommodate these articles but showcase the work of various photographers, house their brand’s shop (you need to check out their stuff!) and now there is even a range of games to play on there!


There are plenty of free to play games on there that I could have reviewed, and may well do in due course, but one really caught my eye: Drift Hunters.

home jpeg

For a free to play game it’s pretty in-depth.  As you can see from the menu there are a number of cars to buy, ranging from the AE86 we start with to R35 GTRs and RWB kitted Porsches with the usual assortment of Nissan S and R bodies, RX7s and 3-Series BMWs along the way.

Each car is also fully upgradable. The upgrades are installed in ‘tiers’ which can be purchased with in game currency.


The tuning and visual elements can be messed about with without spending your hard earned points. Tuning is really detailed for a free to play game!

The visuals element is a little more simple. You can change the colour of your car and the style and colour of your wheels. There are quite a few different styles of wheel to choose from though!


Now lets talk about the meat of the game the drifting! As you drift the games numerous you accrue points which are used to unlock cars and parts.

The tracks are either set courses or playgrounds. In the playgrounds you can just sort of choose your own route and mess about which is fun whereas the circuits provide a bit of a challenge and are most rewarding when you string a number of corners together.

tracks 1tracks 2

My favourite playground is the city. There’s a big skid pan area in the centre of the map which is meant to be a car park surrounded by buildings:

city 1

If you stray away from that area there are more roads and junctions to explore.

city 2

You see the big ramp like structure in the background? You can go to it and yes you can jump it! It makes Daigo Saito’s jump at Ebisu look amateur!

city 3

My favourite circuits are the Port and Touge. The post is quite a wide track with lots of sharp corners. Shipping containers mark the edges of the the track and are fun to try to run the back of the car against.


The touge track on the other hand is a little narrower and fast flowing. It’s really rewarding to link a section of this track at speed.

touge 1

There’s even a nice little girder bride to cross!

touge bridge

All in all it’s a fun little game to play to pass half an hour by and goes into a lot of detail for a free to play game! Check it out at drifted.com along with their shop and other articles!

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