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One of the wonderful things about the V12 platform used in RC bangers is that the motor and gearbox are housed in a pod at the back of the chassis which is totally separate to the plate of the chassis itself. The chassis plate has no motor mounts, no diff mounts and most importantly, it’s length isn’t dictated by the length of drive belts or a prop shaft which means that in theory they can be built to any length!

From factory, the cars are offered in numerous wheelbases. The standard car is known as the short wheel base, which has a wheelbase of 204mm. Then there is a long wheel base which caters for shells like the Toyota Previa, Austin Sheerline and some of the larger American shells which is 250mm. Then the XL wheelbase which caters for a couple of longer limousines which is 295mm.

There’s no reason why they can’t be made to be even longer though, as demonstrated by Brentwood RC’s Divvy who built this 4ft (1.2 meter) monster!


Here it is next to a standard XL wheelbased Cadillac.


At 4ft long the car is a bit different underneath than a standard V12.

You will have noticed that there are two sets of wheels at the rear. The front pair are what drives the car and the second set are rear steering wheels. It’s sort of like the HICAS system found on some older Nissans such as the R32 Skyline and Z32 300ZX. It helps the car negotiate tight turns which, when four foot long is just about any turn.


The car also has a 6 cell battery rather than the typical four cell. It’s a fair bit heavier than a standard car and thus needs a little more power to get it to move along.

The chassis was originally built by Karl Dilworth and then restored and modified by Divvy for the Kent Carpet Oval’s birthday charity meet. Sam Townsend of Sam’s Custom Designs did the sign writing.


Despite being such a colossal target the chassis and shell survived KCO. I know Divvy has plans to run it again so hopefully I’ll get to have a bit of a race with it in the near future!

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By Richard Francis

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