Game Review: FR Legends

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For those of you who may be new to drifting, the sport is judged rather than run as a race. You’ll have a lead car which is judged on the way it completes the course; it’s style, angle, the line it takes and how close it gets to clipping points. Then there is a chase car which is judged on how well it mirrors the lead car and it’s proximity to the lead car.

Video games such as Forza Motorsports tend not to replicate this judging system. They tend to award points for drifting based in speed and angle but regardless of line. Of course, there is a strong online community on Forza who run competitions on private servers which are judged by the proper rules, but it’s typically left out of the base game.

Mobile game FR Legends, by indie developer Feng Li, is the first game I think I’ve ever played to use the proper judging system and it is fantastic!!


As in real life, you’ll have a lead run followed by a chase run. In the lead run you have to run the course as quickly, smoothly and with as much angle as you can whilst collecting the clipping points. If you want, you can have these marked out on the track to make things a bit easier. I’d certainly recommend it when you first try a track so you can learn the layout.


Each individual section on the track is then judged and given a score which is added up to make your overall score. If you make a mistake you will score a zero on that section rather than a zero for the whole run, unless you spin or stop.


Then the chase run is judged off of proximity to the lead car, mimicking the lead car’s transitions and speed.



The scores for the lead and chase runs are then added together to give you a final score which decides the winner.


The game isn’t just about the battles though. You can do solo runs to learn the tracks and there is a tutorial mode. I’m looking forward to when the touge and gymkhana modes are released, I think they will be really difficult! This game will be great in multiplayer too!


You start the game with three tracks unlocked which are all variations of a skid pan with cones and concrete barriers. They are awesome to learn the controls on!

Later in the game you buy multiple real world tracks including Irwindale Speedway which has a long wall run on a banked corner which is a challenge to get right. It’s very rewarding when you do get it right though!


The customisation options are huge! There are plenty of wheels, body kits and liveries to choose from on the outside of the car but also a number of different engine swaps and modifications, all of which are modelled on the car.

I’ll be honest, most of my money has gone into the car’s looks haha!


There are a number of different cars to be brought and modified too. Though, obviously, not exact replicas of real cars you can clearly see what they are supposed to be.


The cartoonish graphics may not be to everybody’s taste, but I think they are charming. The game always looks crisp and runs really smoothly too which is what’s most important.

Steering is done by tilting the phone, throttle is done with the left thumb and the foot brakes and hand brake are controlled with the right thumb. It does take a little getting used to at first but once you’ve got it, it will feel very intuitive.

All in all, it’s a brilliant little game. It’s not been out long and is only in version 0.1.2 so I reckon that a lot will be added to the game in the future!

Download it today from the App Store.
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