Supercars of SEMA 2019

I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas this year! It’s a huge show with lots of interesting and unique builds.

There’s far too much content to cram into one blog post, so I’m going to spread it out over a number of different posts.  Today’s will be looking at the supercars of SEMA 2019!

Supercars are high end sports cars built in limited quantities, either by bespoke manufacturers such as Ferrari or Lamborghini, or by more mainstream manufacturers as either a flagship car or as a show of might; think of the Ford GT or Audi R8.

They are typically owned by those of higher society as a status symbol, as not many can afford to buy and run such cars.

However rare the car may be though, there will always be people looking to add their own personal style to the car, and there are plenty of companies out there who will build cars for people (think of the coach builders of yesteryear) such as Mansory/Creative Bespoke full carbon Aventador.

My camera didn’t really pick up the effect of the wrap too well. Hopefully my video will show it a little better.


Some cars have a restro-mod story that is more familiar to those of us who have older cars. Tavarish (@therealtavarish) brought this Lamborghini used as a stunt car in Fast 8 before restoring it to how it would have looked as the real character car.

As silly as it sounds to say this about a Lamborghini, this is more of a budget build rather than an out and out restoration. Whereas Lamborghini may charge hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for a part, Tavarish and his team have often been able to fabricate the part from hand or use something else to the same effect.

It’s a great story, and I highly recommend you check it out on Tavarish’s YouTube channel.


TJ Hunt’s Ferrari 458 is another more traditional restro-mod. He brought this car crashed, before restoring it to it’s former glory, then modifying it in time for SEMA. It now sports the GT3 race car’s body kit and this stunning modern interpretation of British Racing Green.

DSC_0042 (2)

TJ’s wasn’t the only GT inspired Ferrari at the show:


Federico Sceriffo had his beautiful 599 GTB Formula Drift car on display. It’s a unique build and certainly turns heads wherever it goes.


Supermodel Jess Hart has this 348 as a track toy. The F348 is quite an underrated car. Mid-engined, V8. I’m sure it’s a lot of fun!


The other underappreciated 1990s Ferrari is the F355. This modified example was absolutely stunning. I’m not often a fan of “weathered look” wraps, but this car looked really nice.


The F430 is one of my generation’s poster Ferraris.


Air suspension seems to be quite a common modification on these higher end cars out in The States.


DUB Magazine, where these last two Lamborghinis were, had some superb machines on display.


Some of the supercars were quite subtle in their modification.


SEMA is also a good opportunity for manufacturers to show their cars to potential buyers. Chevrolet had a couple of the new mid-engined Corvettes on display:

Ford had their new GT Mk2; a hardcore, 700hp, high downforce, track only variant of the new GT. This is Ford really flexing their muscles!


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! I’m sorry this post is a little shorter than usual, but there’s a lot more SEMA content to come!

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By Richard Francis


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