Throwback: Drift Allstars Wembley Stadium 2011

I recently found a couple of old hard drives and thought I’d have a look through them, to see if I could find any good photos from events and museums to use as content whilst we’re in quarantine.

In 2011 Drift Allstars managed to host an event in one of the car parks of Wembley Stadium in London.

It was a really entertaining day! The stadium made for a fantastic backdrop and Drift Allstars brought in a lot of international drivers, who I otherwise wouldn’t have seen.

One such driver was Alberto Cona from Italy – who was piloting this rather unusual machine.


It’s a Nissan S13, converted to a pickup, with a Toyota Celica front end and what I believe are Honda rear lights. As you can see through the bonnet, it was also powered by a Chevrolet LS. A really unusual combination!


Shawn Spiteri’s Mazda RX7. This is the only event I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing the Maltese driver at.



Formula Drift’s Daijiro Yoshihara came over to drive the Driftworks S15. The Smoking Skills livery is by far my favourite of theirs.



The Irish have always been fantastic drifters, and there was a strong Irish representation at this event.

Danielle Murphy’s ‘Green Monster’ was one of my favourite cars back in the day. I still love that colour!


The famous James Deane in the Low Brain Drifter’s PS13.


Nigel Colfer.


Christy Carpenter. I really like the contrast between the fluorescent yellow wheels and the Advan-esque livery.


There were a few UK based drivers in the field too. Brad McQueen’s S14 was a good looking car.


Matt Carter with his old Falken S-Chassis.


Walton Smith, formally of Jap Performance Parts, had one of my favourite cars of the era. This Impreza was RB powered!


Julian Smith of Garage-D had a couple of his cars on display. His famous Blitz four door R34 and the Mac Tools four door R34.


Dan Chapman’s Lexus GS300. Dan has had a lot of cars, but this is certainly one of my favourites. The white on white really suits the GS platform.


I seem to recall seeing this Civic in Fast Car Magazine, when I used to read that back in the day. It’s a really clean build!


Millennium Jade or Bayside Blue?

In the late 1980s and early 1990s Nissan made a number of limited edition cars based on their Micra platform. The most well known of these is the Figaro.

This is the Nissan Pao. A few of these have featured on this blog before. I’m not really a big fan of small cars, but I’d really love to own one of these someday.


This is a Be-1. I think this is the only one I’ve seen in person.


I also really like these 1980s Nissan Laurels. They are hard to find now though.

This style of flared arches really suit the AE86.


The London Motor Museum had a stand with a few interesting cars on. I’ve just learnt that the museum is now shut down, which is shame as I never had the chance to go.


It was a great day and I’m very much looking forward to getting back out to different drift events and car shows.

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By Richard Francis


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