JDM Allstars Wembley 2010

The 2010 round of JDM Allstars at Wembley is an event that’s really close to my heart for a number of reasons.

Firstly, from a spectator’s standpoint, the track was brilliant.

The cars would start on the other side of a warehouse, out of view of the audience. The first corner left hand corner sort of wrapped around the warehouse so as the cars came into view they were already completely sideways.  This would lead into a transition into a sweeping right hand corner which would take the cars merely feet from the audience, spraying them with rubber and smoke. The track then tightened up and into a left to right transition over a bump in the surface of the track which would cause the cars to jump. There were a lot of good photos from the professional photographers of this jump. They would then loop around to the finish line which was just behind where the cars would first come into view.

The second reason why this event is really special to me, is it was my first ever drift event. I’d been following drifting for a couple of years, but never had the opportunity to go. So as a treat to myself – following my GCSEs – 16 year old, baby faced Richard took himself on his first solo adventure into London.

That event seems to have caused a life long addiction. I’ve spent thousands following the sport around, and even trying it out once or twice, but I’ve made the most amazing friends and have been to some of the most amazing places because of it.

Coming out of Wembley Central underground station, I remember looking around and wondering which way I should be heading. Then I just heard this V8 roar reverberating off the buildings and sure enough I knew the way.

The car in question was Alan McCord’s S15. The only V8 powered car on the grid if memory serves.


Next to him in the pits was a 13 year old Duane McKeever. Duane’s gone on to do lots of cool things in Ireland.

Anthony Scott’s Rocket Bunny Sil80 was one of my favourite cars of the era. I used to have a SkylineParts hoody back in the day.


I’m not entirely sure who he was pitting with.


Steve “Stiggy” Evans still has this KP60 Starlet. I don’t recall seeing any other KP60s at car shows, never mind drifting. I’m sure they’re pretty rare now.


Pawel Trela has gone on to do well for himself. I think this may be the only event I’ve seen this driver at in person.


Lennard Wander’s S14a. I really like this body kit. The car wouldn’t look out of place on grid today.


Walton Smith’s RB powered Impreza.


I’m not sure who this FD RX7 belonged to, but I like the stepped side skirts that follow on from the cannards.


Of course there was a bit of a car show running alongside the drifting. Here’s Julian Smith from Garage D’s R34 Skyline.


A nice stock R34 GTT. I know the GTR is a lot more collectible, but I think as a daily classic car, a stock GTT is a good choice! It’s just a case of finding one now.


The Veilside RX7 ‘Fortune’. Made famous by The Fast and The Furious  I actually think the grey suits the car more than the orange.


Then there’s just a few pics of different cars scattered about.


I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. Being my first car event I have a lot of love for Wembley 2010. I’m just gutted I didn’t take more pics at the time. I was gutted there weren’t any pics of Dan Chapman’s PS13. That car really caught my imagination and was one of the cars that first got me into drifting.

Thanks for reading!

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By Richard Francis

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