Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Hi guys, just a quick check in post today.

This week (18th-24th May 2020) is Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme this year is kindness.

Obviously, it’s important to be kind to others whenever possible, but with everything that’s going on with Covid-19 it’s particularly important to be kind to people.

We are all living through something that we have never had to face before. Mentally, physically and economically we are all going to be affected by this and we are going to be reacting to what’s happening in different ways.

One person you meet may have just lost their job, or may be struggling to make ends meet with furlough pay. Others may have had friends or relatives fall ill or even pass away. Those working in shops may not be 100% comfortable doing their job and being in such close contact with the public.

Every person that you meet at the moment will be fighting a battle in some shape or form; by being kind you’re helping them through that battle rather than hindering their progress.

The other thing I would like to talk about today is also kind of Covid related. With no car shows or anything car related going on, I’ve really been focusing on my model making.

I have a Mercedes 540K in the works that will be shared here, but I’ve also been building a lot of 28mm and 15mm scale models for wargaming over the lockdown period. (If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen them haha!) I haven’t been posting any of it on the blog or doing any blog builds as it’s not really what the blog is about. However, doing build threads on some of the wargaming stuff and written battle reports would be really fun! I want your feedback on it; would you like to see wargaming stuff on here?

I could make a second blog I suppose, but I enjoy keeping everything centralised here.

I hope you’re all keeping safe and well and I’ll speak to you soon!

Richard Francis

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