Norfolk Arena Charity Weekender 2012

Uh oh! I’ve been looking through old photos again!

In 2012 the Norfolk Arena Drift hosted a weekend long drift event to raise money for Scotty’s Little Soldiers; a Norfolk based charity dedicated to helping children who have lost a parent who was serving in the armed forces.

At the event, there was open practice throughout the day, with a drift competition, barbecue and disco in the evening and camping available for those who wanted to stay.

It’s the only time I’ve been to Norfolk Arena but it was a really well organised, nice day with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

It sticks in my mind as a well run drift day 8 years later, and I often hear nice things about the drift days at Norfolk, so I will make it a point to have a wander up again soon.

I wanted to show you some of the pics I took that day though, as there were some really interesting and unusual cars in attendance. For instance, this Volvo 940 estate that’s been converted into a pick up truck.

The Mk2 Ford Scorpio was an interesting and controversial car that I could honestly dedicate an entire blog post to. They are big old land yachts though, and I can’t recall seeing another used as a drift car.

The Mitsubishi Starion is another rare car to see at a drift track. If memory serves this one was nick named ‘The Starion of Death’.

It’s unusual to see E28 5-Series at a classic car show now, never mind a race track! These two look fantastic as drift cars

The E34 that followed is becoming increasingly rare, I doubt this battle ready example is with us any longer. I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s a Vauxhall Carlton parked next to it. That’s a really unusual car to see drifting!

The smaller 3-Series is a staple of drift events here in the U.K

Back in 2012 E30s were still quite a common sight at drift tracks. They have become much more collectible now.

This car was owned by a lovely couple who took me out for some passenger rides. The exhaust through the roof was fun, but produced a lot of heat haha! They also had a BMW V8 powered Sierra, but sadly I don’t have any pictures of that.

There were lots of Nissan S-Chassis’ too. These are still a favourite of drifters world over.

A lot of British Drift Championship drivers also came out to play. Let’s see how many of the drivers names I can remember haha!

Mark Lappage
Marc Huxley who builds awesome stuff. If you don’t follow him on Instagram, do yourself a favour and follow him: huxleymotorsport
Ricky Emery
Danny Isbell
Gary Hughes
Christian Lewis
Ian Phillips
Gordon McIsaac

Although it’s not a drift car I also saw this picture of this little Fiesta in my gallery and had to share it. Such a clean build!

Finally we have a couple of pics from on track.

Two Laps To Go!

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By Richard Francis

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