SEMA 2022: Toyo Tires Treadpass

The Toyo Tires Treadpass – normally located between the Central and South Halls of the Las Vegas Convention Centre at SEMA – is a recurring part of the show that hosts some of the year’s best builds.

We’ll actually start today’s post with my favourite build of the Toyo Tires Treadpass and possibly my favourite build of the entire SEMA 2022 show!

This is a 1950 Willys Wagon built by Hardline Customs of Woodstock, Georgia.

It’s obviously pretty heavily modified with a lot of custom suspension work, but it’s not lost the original character of the car, which in my opinion is really important when working with these older platforms.

It just has a lot of charm and I was drawn to it as soon as I saw it.

I hope the guys that built it really enjoy it, and I hope to see it again another day.

Another car that quickly drew my attention was Bisimoto’s newest build Moby X. This is the second electric 935 I’ve seen from Bisi, both of which are absolutely gorgeous.

You can see his other 935 both here:

and here: (I should have really made the Toyo Treadpass its’ own article in 2019 too. It was my first SEMA though and looking back my footage was a bit all over the place.)

This is the DRVNmind GR86 Time Attack race car. I’ve followed DRVNmind and it’s founder Daniel K Song on social media for a number of years now, so it was nice to see one of their cars in person.

Speaking of Time Attack cars Attacking The Clock Racing were showing Cramer’s new Audi RS3 build.

Gooichi Motors of Loxahachee, Florida built this incredible Zonda V12 powered Mazda RX7. I saw this getting loaded onto a trailer after the show and it sounded absolutely savage!

A beautiful Midnight Purple Porsche 911 built by Austin Barnett.

S-Klub LA brought along a selection of their 300SL recreations based on a Mercedes SLK chassis’.

This SLR replica really took my heart. I adore the little timers on the passenger side of the dashboard true to an original 1950s racing car. I’m not particularly keen on the modern screen, but I assume that air conditioning controls, stereo, GPS etc are all controlled through it, and this is a car that really needs to be taken out and enjoyed. I think this would be a phenomenal thing to own!

The Gullwing was really cool too! I love all the exposed metal work in the engine bay. A beautiful build!

A widebodied Tesla. There were a lot of Teslas at SEMA this year. They are growing on me.

A stacked headlight Benz is still at the top of my bucket list though.

Evo wagons are pretty rare, especially in the United States.

The header work on this 86 was just incredible!

Japanese inspired C5 Corvette with a Rocket Bunny wide body kit. It’s got a bit of a Hot Wheels vibe to it. I like it!

Wide bodies are in at the moment!

The Toyo Tires Treadpass is one of my favourite parts of SEMA. There were a number of cars that I wasn’t able to work into this post, but I feel are too special to leave out. So I’m afraid we’re going to end on a little bit of an image dump.

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By Richard Francis

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