M112 Oil Filter Housing Gasket Replacement

Replacing the oil filter housing gaskets on your Mercedes M112 V6 (this may also be applicable to the M113 V8 too) is a pretty easy job, but you need a couple of unusual tools to do it, so I thought I’d make a quick post covering the process.

You will need:

– a 74.5mm oil filter socket

– a 46mm socket (I used a 1/2 inch by 10inch extension and 1/2 ratchet with it)

– a TX30 bit/screwdriver.

– rags. (working with oil is always messy)

First remove the oil filter. This just unscrews then pulls up and away.

I wrapped the filter in a rag once I removed it just to stop any unwanted dirt from the garage getting on it.

At the bottom of the oil filter housing is the 46mm nut that holds it to the block.

This can take a bit of force to get off, but it will come away.

What it looks like removed.

With that out remove the oil cooler from the filter housing. This is held on with four TX30 bolts. Two at the top, one to the engine side half way down and one at the bottom on the radiator side.

Once they are off the oil filter housing should be free.

That will allow you to replace the gaskets between the oil filter housing and oil cooler.

(In the picture the top gasket is missing. It had got stuck to the side of the oil cooler.)

Then replace the big gasket at the bottom.

Pop it all back together again and the job is done! I found it easier to do the big bottom bolt first as it was a bit of a pain to line up, then put the oil cooler back on.

I hope this helped!

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By Richard Francis

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