People will always tell you to not compare yourself to others. In a way they are right to say that, comparison can be damaging. People can get themselves into a lot of debt trying to ‘keep up with the Jones” and comparing ourselves negatively to the people around us can of course cause a lot of emotional and mental damage. We can feel jealousy, resent and even hatred towards our peers.

However comparing ourselves to other people is a part of human nature. It doesn’t matter how much we try not to do it we always will. So since we can’t avoid it, lets embrace it! Here are 3 ways that comparing yourself to others can be a good thing!

1. Comparing shows you what is possible
Have you ever watched a colleague, a friend or even a complete stranger do something and have found yourself thinking “Wow! Next time I’m going to that in that way!”? I do it all the time when I’m watching drifting, admittedly I can never replicate what I see but that’s besides the point!

Watching other people’s methods and comparing them to your own is a great way of learning and opening your mind to new possibilities.

2. Comparing makes you competitive (in a good way)
Being competitive with someone means that you want to achieve the same level of success as your peers. Take drifting for instance. If someone goes out and puts in a good qualifying run you think to yourself “Yeah that was great (and you’re happy for them), but I want to do better!” If you do then that’s great and it’s a boost to the ego but if you don’t then it sends you into action to learn or modify your car so that you can beat that run next time out. 

3. Comparing can make you more grateful
This is known as downwards comparison. You think you’re having a bad day and then you hear of some poor other soul who is in a worse situation and it makes you feel better about what you have. I think this is one of the many reasons why people volunteer to do charity work; Working with people less fortunate makes them more aware of their blessings. 

So in conclusion, comparison can have some positive effects, it can help you strive to improve your future and can make you happier about the situation you are in presently.

Thanks for reading.

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