Achievement unlocked:

So over the last week I’ve been in an abnormal situation at home which had sort of forced me to eat out everyday.

Eating out has been a pretty big deal for me over the past few years, eating food that I haven’t prepared at home especially. It’s only really been something that I’ve really made progress with over the past few months. So to eat out everyday without any issues has really been an achievement! I think my Dad was pleased that I decided I was able to stay at his for dinner too as I haven’t been able to do that for about 3 years.

I must admit what I have been getting out has mostly been junk food; McDonalds or stuff from the chip shop but I can live with that! I need a little bit of fat on me anyway 😛

Now that I’m more in a routine of eating away from the house I don’t really know why it was such a big issue for me. I think I was scared of being judged about what I was eating, how much I was eating and how I was eating it. Most people are too busy doing their own thing to notice little old me noshing away never mind take the time to judge me! I knew that they wouldn’t be judging me before I started eating out more anyway! I’d been eating in restaurants lots before 2013 and never had a problem with anyone judging me, so I don’t really know where that idea came from!

Anyway, the week that has just gone has really boosted my confidence. Hopefully I can carry this momentum into 2016!

Thanks for reading.

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