Team S1 invade Santa Pod!

Wednesday the 10th of February saw Team S1 lead a southern invasion of Santa Pod’s Drift What Ya Brung.

For those of you not in the know, Santa Pod host ‘Drift What Ya Brung’ days every other Wednesday. They have multiple tracks laid out so that everyone can drift on a track that suits their level of confidence and talent. They have four figure of 8 and doughnut tracks for the beginners, a kidney shaped track for intermediates and a big track for those drivers who are more confident.

Kris Morris invited a wide variety of drivers and cars from the South East of England to trek up to Pod and do some skids. So many cars were booked in that Pod declared the event sold out and those of us not drifting weren’t allowed to park our cars in the main pitting area to allow more space for support vehicles and drifters! That’s the nice thing about Team S1; it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or a BDC pro driver, they are all about going out and having fun with your friends. Very inclusive!

The inclusive nature of the event could definitely be seen in the nature of the cars that turned up. Everything from few hundred pound BMWs…


… To many thousands of pounds worth of built Nissan!


A couple of Mercs even came out to play! A fairly serious looking W202 C230 Kompressor and a W208 which unfortunately had a bit of a bump which ended its day early


I was lucky enough to run into my old friend I used to go RC drifting with, Warren Runnicles. He sold his RC gear to focus more on real cars and brought his convertible Nissan PS13 to play with…


…As well as a Mazda RX8 he had been putting together with his friends Jake, Ryan and Luke from Essex Rotary. It was running well all day and seemed to drift well!


Warren first took on the kidney track with only limited success as the track is tight and the car only has standard steering lock.

This is the footage from my helmet :

And this is the footage from the dash board:

He then went on the big track which went a lot better. Please skip the first 1:20 of this video… I didn’t trim it down enough when I made it 😛 my camera fell of the dashboard in the first couple of laps, I put the footage from that camera in at the end.

Ryan, who is still learning, was then allowed a play in both Warren’s car and the Mazda on the figure of 8 tracks

Danny Grundy from Essex Drifters also came up to have a play in his E36 missile car. You’ll be seeing much more of him here this year I’m sure as he is competing in the British Drift Championship this year.


Unfortunately there was a crash between Jim Taylor in Team S1’s famous E36 compact (which is now a little more compact) and an E36 estate.


(pic stolen from Kris Morris)

Unfortunately Jim had to go to hospital with back and neck pain and his girlfriend Shannon bumped her head…

Jim 1

Thankfully both were ok and as soon as they were discharged the typical S1 banter began! (Pic also stolen from Kris Morris)




All the lads from Team S1 and beyond have helped got together and the car is already being reshelled and I’m sure it will be back out and madder than ever very soon!

All in all, I and everyone else there had a really fun day! Hoping to get back up to Pod soon!

Thanks for reading!

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