The ups and the downs

Hey guys,

Sorry I didn’t post last week. I’m not really sure what I’m going to post today to be fair. I’m just going to ramble.

A lot has been going on, I started a little part time job at a double glazing company. Nothing overly exciting but it’s to help pay for my doing silly stuff with cars!

I also got into this really low mindset. For the past week or so I’ve been doing the absolute bare minimum. I just really haven’t been able to motivate myself to do any hobby stuff, car stuff, writing etc. I’ve barely left the house. I’ve just been sitting in contemplating my life, the future, why I’m here and what I’m doing.

Enough is enough though! I have a lot of good things going on and a good year ahead of me. I am surrounded by great people and wonderful things!  I have absolutely no excuse to be feeling sorry for myself!

So onwards and upwards we go! The first round of King of the Ring is this Saturday so hopefully I have some good material.

Thanks for reading

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