Rolls Royce slot car build part 2

As some of you may recall a month or so ago I introduced you to the Rolls Royce slot car shell I had sitting in my cupboard that I wanted to build with you guys. If you do remember, here is the article:

Now having a body shell is all well and good but it’s not going to be going anywhere quickly without a chassis and running gear! Thankfully, the chaps I brought the shell off in the first place, Pendle Slot Racing stock everything that I needed.

I hadn’t been on their website for a long long time as it used to be a bit of a pain to use. However, they have recently renovated it and it is much easier to find what you are looking for and order it! The instructions with the shell stated that I needed to use the F1RL Penelope Pitlane brass chassis and to my delight I found that Pendle’s supplied a kit of the chassis and everything else needed to get the car running for just under £30! Job done!

DSC_0354DSC_0355This is how the brass chassis comes.   It comes in three parts and as you can see by the score lines it needs to be folded into shape. A small nut and bolt hold the three parts together and has you may be able to tell from the elongated holes the chassis’ are adjustable so the same type of chassis can fit under multiple shells.

All put together they look like this!


The next step is to get the chassis sitting under the car right. Penelope Pitlane shells normally have body posts that line up nicely with their designated chassis and this one was no exception. The only issue I had was the posts were slightly too long and the chassis stuck out from under the shell. So I shortened them… The back now lines up perfectly but I cut the front ever so slightly too short (A swear word may have happened). Thankfully it’s only very minute, with a tiny little bit of filing I can get away with it!


(not screwed on yet, just sitting on the posts)

Finally these are the bits that came with the chassis:


See, slot cars are pretty simple 🙂 I won’t be using these wheels though. The wheels I will be using are Penelope Pitlane’s slightly larger Vintage range and the shell came with some lovely inserts for them!

That’s all I’ve had time to do to it this week I’m afraid! If you would like to see how this chassis is mounted to the body shell of the car please go to part 3 which can be found here:

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