Off road fun at Rayleigh RC

On Fridays and Saturdays Rayleigh RC have an off road track out with jumps, bumps and a wall ride over a hair pin turn.

Last Friday I was able to pop down and have a little go on the off road track with Jordan Innell’s 1/14th scale buggy and Chris’s 1/10th scale short course truck. To the best of my knowledge they will be hosting race nights for both classes.


The buggy was extremely good fun! The track is the perfect size for them and a field of ten of them running round will make for great fun!


They take a tonne of punishment too! There was a heart in mouth moment when I overshot the fall run and Jordan’s buggy fell 4 to 5 feet onto the hard wooden stage. He ran over, picked it up, threw it back on the track and off he went again. I know that he has a few uprated parts on his but the upgrades are for pennies really.

The short course trucks will make an interesting field as well. They are huge even in comparison with drift and touring cars which are the same scale. A few of them going around this tight track will make for some very skilled racing.


All in all it was a fun evenings racing. If you’re into off road racing and you are looking for an indoor track then this is place to go! Lots of fun!

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