Testing the Rolls Royce and the Porsche

So finally I got to take out the 1912 Rolls Royce I’ve been building

(  https://motorsportformentalhealth.com/2016/02/08/slot-cars-art-therapy-rolls-royce-part-1/ )

and my custom rear engined Porsche

( https://motorsportformentalhealth.com/2016/04/21/rear-engined-porsche-scratch-build-fail-the-initial-build/ )

The Porsche actually went considerably better than expected considering how bodged the car actually looks! It does kick it’s tail out in the corners but surprisingly (with only 5g of weight in the nose) it didn’t lift its front wheels off of the ground at all! More importantly; it didn’t shake itself apart haha! (it was actually pretty smooth)


The Rolls Royce was great too! As expected it wasn’t the fastest thing on the track but it sure looked stylish going round! The length of the car meant it struggled getting around some of the corners but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.


I also added the external handbrake from a Scalex Bentley Blower (Don’t worry collectors this shell was wayyyy past restoring)


All in all a successful conclusion to an enjoyable couple of projects. The Porsche will be featured in the coming weeks when I have a look at JB Weld and no doubt a couple more slot car projects will be coming soon!

Thanks for reading

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