Bits Box Car: Scalextric Brabham BT44

One of two of the original cars from the Scalextric sets I used to play with at my Dad’s when I was a youth, this Brabham BT44 was stripped of parts to rebuild another car before the shell and wheels were simply left in a draw to gather dust. Many years later it was dug out.


As you can see it was missing a rear wing, motor, wiring, guide and rear axle. The rear tyres had also perished from the years of being in the extreme heat and then extreme cold of the attic.

Thankfully carry original and high quality reproduction parts that would have come on all of these cars from the factory so we can get them back up and running.  I normally put in a bulk order of tyres with them so I had some that would fit already…


…I then fitted them to a rear axle I had in my spares box. I believe it was from an R34 Skyline.


The majority of these 1970s cars use what’s called a Johnson motor which but the mounts on this car were designed to take a later Mabuchi motor. I had one with the same style rectangular holes in the can  so it at least looks like a Johnson motor. DSC_0457

the motor had a broken gear on it so I swapped it out for a Slot It brass gear which is probably worth as much as the car haha! If you do start buying these old Scalextric cars you will find that a lot of them have broken or missing gears. This ‘gear puller’ by Ninco is a super easy way of getting the old gears off. I’ll do a full post on that in the future.


Well, with the motor in and the wiring done all that was left to do was to get a wing! Once again came to the rescue! They stock everything from wings to mirrors to drivers for the majority of old Scalextric cars.

Looks as good as new!

Thanks for reading!


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