Omnibus Slot Car Build Part-4

Today we will be attaching the rear half of the body which I made here: to the front half of the body and we will be linking the two together with a Penelope Pitlane chassis!

The first thing I did was glue the chassis rails to the back of the body. These act as a guide for where the front half of the body needs to go.


The front half of the body was then assembled and painted. For such an old and distorted casting the front end of the body was actually fairly simply. Not too much squeezing things together until they dried was necessary. Which has been rare so far on this kit!

It was also nice to be adding some finer details rather than just painting in block colours.


Now the two can be linked together! Again this for fairly simple. The chassis rails have notches in them which correspond to the front of the body.


Now for the fun bit!!

Penelope Pitlane chassis are brass kits that you have to fold up. They come in three sections; the motor mount and rear axle housing, the front axle housing and the guide housing, all of which are adjustable so you can get the wheel base and over all chassis length required for your model.

The chassis I am using here is the F1RL, which is the longest chassis they do.


I am using standard Scalextric axles with Penelope Pitlane ‘Vintage’ wheels and tyres.


To attach it to the body I am making my own mounts out of a balsa wood block. Balsa is nice as it is light, easy to cut and easy to screw into. It provides enough rigidity to act as a chassis mount though.

To get the blocks in I did have to file away some of the original details on the bottom of the body. Nothing too drastic though!


Then with a bot of hot glue on the wooden mounts….


There we go! It can roll on it’s own wheels! There is a little ridge in the front wheel arch that one of the wheels is catching on which shall have to be filed away, and the chassis needs painting black. Then next time we can paint the chassis as it needs to be black and add the rest of the details to the lower half of the body (there is a lot to be added!)

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