Faily Brakes

Faily Brakes is another free app game where the goal is to survive as long as possible, somewhat like Thumb Drift, my review of which can be found here:

In Faily Brakes to Phil or Anita, who are driving along in a number of possible cars wearing a number of possible costumes when the brakes on the car fail and they run through a guard rail, spectacularly jump a train and begin their down hill descent!

Your goal as the player is to get Anita/Phil as far down the hill as you can. You will dodge trees, rocks, traffic on the roads that cross your path and trains! You will also brave jumps and streams!

If you fail to avoid one of the many obstacles your character will be thrown from the car and launched futher down the hill. The distance they fly/fall with style adds to your overall distance and you can get some good points from it!

Power-ups are also available to launch your character futher after a crash. These range from a bomb that will fall out the sky which will blow your character futher down the hill To a giant hamster ball which will carry your character for a while.

It’s a good reminder to always wear your seat belt! I’d hate to roll along the M25 in a giant hamster ball after colliding with an articulated lorry!

The game can also act as a reminder to not drive high. I have no idea what you would have to smoke to end up in this orange and purple world!

Anyway, power ups are also available whilst you are still alive. Shields and armour allow you to pole through obsticles and machine guns and missiles clear the way ahead for you. Handy in game but I would hate to have to deal with the insurance claim “yes sir, I understand that your brakes failed and you took out a couple of fences and a tree but how/why did you fire a missile through a goods train?”

All in all its a fun little game to kill some time and highly recommend you go and get it. It’s free so what’s to lose?!

Thanks for reading!

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