Pendle Slot Racing Mercedes (& Bugatti) Haul

Chaps and Chapettes!

We all have our guilty pleasures, things that we just have to have even though we really shouldn’t. My guilty pleasure is slot cars. I know I make them as build threads on this blog from time to time but I can justify that, it’s sharing a unique build, but I really have no justification for ready built cars.

However, the special offers section of Pendle Slot Racing ( sometimes has something that I really can’t pass up on. Today I bring you two Scalextric Limited Edition Car sets.

The first is an unboxed set featuring the 722 Mercedes 300SLR driven by Sterling Moss and Denis Jenkinson at the 1955 Mille Miglia. The car and driver that still hold the world record for completing the course in the fastest time.


The second car in the set is a 722 Edition McLaren Mercedes-Benz SLR. The 722 Edition boasted a bigger power output, different wheels, up-rated suspension and some aesthetic changes over the standard SLR.


Here are the two cars together.


The second set is way out of left field in comparison to what I normally get!

The Scalextric Hypercars comprises of another Mercedes McLaren SLR and Bugatti’s Veyron. The twist? Both are chrome!


In real life I’m sure we all find chrome cars to be a little bit tacky, Especially chrome super cars, but set against the black back drop inside the box they are simply like automotive Jewellery! These make a fine centre piece to my collection! It was worth taking the risk!


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