Omnibus Slot Car Build Part 5

Chaps and Chapettes,

So, in the last part of the build (which can be found here we mounted the chassis to the two halves of the lower body and got the wheels sitting right.

Since then I have done a lot of work!

Firstly I have built up the top deck of the bus. As with the lower deck there are guides in the floor for the front and rear ‘walls’ then the side walls are attached to those. Also much like the lower deck the side walls were ridiculously bent and needed to be pressed into place for quite some time before the glue had set.

The staircase also went in. If you are making this model then I suggest dry fitting the piece several times to get it in exactly the desired place before gluing. Once it was all together I painted the banisters and hand rails on the upper deck in copper/brass. This is how it looks now.


Now it was time to pop the chassis back off and fit the running gear.

The motor, pinion and rear axle are all standard Scalextric. Being as it is such a big kit and I just want it to plod around the track and look good it seemed silly to put anything too mad in it. The motor is a standard Scalex Mabuchi motor and the rear gears are the standard black plastic ones. These can be found in 99% of the cheap 90s cars you can find on ebay for breakers and can be brought new for pennies as well.


As with the Rolls Royce the vintage wheels push the chassis quite high up off the ground so I am using a slot it deep wood guide to keep it on the right route.

Finally I decided to paint the chassis black. I was debating keeping it brass as I did with the Rolls Royce but it just looks weird under the bus.


And that’s all for today folks! Part 6 can be found here:
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