Halfords’ Wind Up Racing Car Kit

Hi Chaps and Chapettes,

So I don’t get all geeky about many things… Actually that’s a lie… I get geeky about many many things and when the Christmas Promo stuff arrived at work I got very very geeky!

For Christmas Halfords have brought in a range of new car oriented toys for children up to 23 years of age. So far I’ve seen the wind up wooden race car kit that I am reviewing here, some little cars that are powered by balloons, a bigger wooden race car kit and some card games. No doubt there will be some more stuff arriving in store in the following week or two.

So here I am at work, working in the warehouse when in one of the delivery cages this little gem catches my eye and was in my possession, and I didn’t have my discount card on me so I paid full price, by the end of the day!


A Wind-Up Race Car Wooden Construction Kit. Have you gone mad Richard? Yes, yes I have. I saw it, thought it was cute and brought it for the grand sum of 3 British Pound Sterling.

So what does one get in the kit? Basically, 3 sheets of laser cut balsa wood, a motor, some axles, some wheels and an instruction sheet.


Basically, this is like a really really basic version of the radio control aeroplane kits you can buy. I’ve always wanted to do a WW1 era balsa wood RC plane but lack the carpentry skills to do it so I thought this kit designed for 8 year olds might be a little more on my level.

Thankfully I was right, all the pieces are well made and slot together nicely, the instructions are clear, it was a tonne of fun to make and a good way to kill half an hour. No additional tools were required, they do provide a little bit of sand paper for filing off the rough edges but I didn’t encounter any and will be saving that bit of sand paper for something else.

Once together it looks like this:


Personally speaking, if I was in charge of the design department I wouldn’t have had inspiration written all over it. That’s probably because I’m an adult in denial rather than an actual child though and I’m already pretty inspired to waste 99.9% of my money on old cars and racing cars.

It was a tonne of fun to make though and I really hope they sell well at Christmas, I’m sure they will because they are a good little product.

If this blog post does well then I’m going to use it as an excuse to buy more of the Halfords Christmas products and review them, if it doesn’t then I will anyway because I think they are wonderful.

Thanks for reading folks! I’ll speak to you all soon!


      1. Hahaha I’ve been working alongside Area 6 for The Gambia Re~Cycle. At our store we gathered logos from stores in the Division and I’ve been putting them onto the bikes. The others guys on my team have been organising the build and finding all the recycled parts I’m just starting a blog now about it have to check it out afterwards! Day off today…thought I’d use it wisely and create myself a blog

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