Omnibus Slot Car Build Part 6

Hi Chaps and Chapettes!

Last time we finished building up the body and and did a little chassis work. This can be found here:

Since then I’ve added some more details to the body and today I wanted to talk to you about transfers.

Water-slide transfers are a pretty easy concept. The sticker is printed onto an application sheet. You cut the sticker out and soak it in water for a minute or so then slide the decal off of the application sheet and onto the model.


Transfers can be brittle, care should be taken when applying them and only a minimal amount of pressure should be applied when sliding the transfer from the sheet to the model. When working with a modern high end kit modellers use a special liquid for applying decals then they put a hardener over the top to preserve the decal. This kit, however, is a pretty old cast and decal sheet so they are thick and we will just need water.

With a kit with lots of transfers like this one I found it helped to only do one sticker at a time per section. Although it’s tempting to only do one panel at a time if you touch a transfer before it has properly set it could move or even worse, tear.


Then after some time it looked like this:


Voila!  Next episode (which can be found here: ) we will be doing the wheels, some weathering and the electrics then it will time to take it for a drive!

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