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The humble Ford Transit; the mechanical work horse of builders, carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, delivery drivers and everything in between. Without the Transit the UK’s work force would simply grind to a halt.

As a business owner you understand the importance of having these vehicles on the road and in top mechanical condition, with it broken you will be losing money to your competitors and losing your reputation as a reliable tradesman. You need a top mechanic to keep your vehicle, or fleet of vehicles on the road!

Allow me to introduce to you Essex Transit Specialists. As the name implies they are Ford Transit Specialists based in Essex. They have the facilities to undertake any mechanical work from basic servicing right the way up engine rebuilds as well as suspension work, brakes, clutches, tyres and just about anything you could think of.


Say for instance you’re missing some trim pieces or your van has taken a knock and needs some new panels. That’s not a problem! Essex Transit Specialists often have a wide range of vans in for breaking so they should have the parts you are looking for and if they don’t then they can soon source it!


If you’re looking to expand your fleet or looking to buy your first Transit then they can help too. Vehicles often come in up for sale and again if they haven’t got what you need on site then they can soon source you one!


So take the stress and hassle out of running your fleet of vehicles today. Get in touch today by visiting
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