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Racing games are great. Free racing games you can play on your phone on the way to school or work are even better!

I’ve covered a couple of arcade style IOS games in the past, notably Faily Brakes ( https://motorsportformentalhealth.com/2016/09/23/faily-brakes/ ) and Thumb Drift ( https://motorsportformentalhealth.com/2016/07/08/drifting-with-my-thumb/ )

Pixel Car Racer is a little different though. It is a little more involved. Your progression is through the evolution of your car; you win races to get money to upgrade your car to win more races. The upgrades are pretty in-depth too. It’s not just “upgrade power” or “upgrade grip” as can be found in many of these free arcade style games you can upgrade actual components to make both the car faster and look unique.

You buy parts, oddly enough, at the store. Each upgradeable componant is represented on the screen and you just click on it to view your options. So suspension, air intake, wheels, ECU, seats, paint, decals etc etc.


Once the parts are brought they are installed at your garage. The cars in the game are predominantly Japanese and range from the late 1960s to present day. Although unlicensed it’s clear to see what they represent. On the ramp is my 240Z and you can get Evos, Skylines, Silvias, RX platform Mazdas and more! There are a few European and American cars dotted about too if that’s more your sort of thing.


Once the car is built then it’s time to go racing! You can either do 1/4, 1/2 and full mile drag racing or street challenges like capture the flag or just go for a cruise.


We shall have a look at the racing!

You get a choice of being able to drive full auto, manual without clutch or manual with clutch. Since you don’t have to do any steering I found manual with clutch to be the most rewarding.

You start off by doing a burnout to get the tyres up to temperature, as proper drag racers do, then it’s simply a case of watching the lights and flooring it when they go green!


It’s a good little game all in all. A good bit of fun to pass 10 minutes when you get the chance. Go check it out in the app store!

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