Turtle Wax Luxe Leather Review

Chaps and Chapettes,

So some idiot, namely me, has brought a very old, very scruffy leather interior for my very old, very scruffy Mercedes W124.

(Interior pics for reference)


Having been sat in a workshop for god knows how many years it was looking a little disgusting.

I saw this Turtle Wax Leather Luxe in work which is a leather cleaner and conditioner. It was cheap at £5.50 so I thought it was worth a go!

Here it is modelled by my not as old and certainly not as scruffy W202.


It does what it says on the tin really. There are some deep deep stains in that leather which will require repeated treatment but it took the smaller stains off without a problem! The dirt it took off also made my nice new white valeting cloth a sort of grey brown colour so that shows it’s doing its job too haha!

For £5.50 I would most certainly recommend it. If you have a leather interior and you want to keep it in great condition this is a great product to use alongside your regular washes.

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