London Classic Car Show 2017: Aston Martin

This year really started for me with the London Classic Car Show at the ExCeL in London. The show is a celebration of classic motoring and features many machines from the top marques of the 20th Century along with stands from restorers and classic car dealerships.

This week I shall be taking a look at the cars of the show. I will be doing a post about each of my favourite manufacturers to make covering this huge event easier. Today we will be looking at Aston Martin. Although there weren’t a huge quantity of Aston’s on show the marque was certainly represented by some quality vehicles.

Controversially, the series two Lagonda is one of my favourite Aston Martins. The wedged shape and pop up headlights are very typical of the late 70s and early 80s and the interior of these are very “futuristic” with an LED dashboard and touch pad controls that made it look somewhat like the inside of a very luxurious space ship.


Although maybe not the prettiest of Aston’s they are certainly different and I feel they capture the essence of the era very well. Given the opportunity I would most certainly own one!


I think most would agree that the prettiest Aston Martins are the early DB series cars. Several DB5s and DB6s were on display. This DB5 was particularly striking in this beautiful dark red.


This DB6 prepared as a rally car was also pretty unusual. This particular DB6 was first owned by Johnny Ireland, chairman of the Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club! It then went through a handful of keepers before being modified for the Arctic Rally 0f 2003. Between 2003 and 2009 it competed all across the world.


The Virage is a nice new timer classic. It’s nice to see these ’90’s cars celebrated at shows like this. ’90’s cars are now in their own right classics in my opinion! Ask my W124 otherwise haha!


Although some of the cars on display were much newer than the ’90’s!  Here we have a first generation Vanquish and a modern V8 Vantage.


The Vanquish is very James Bond don’t you think? Talking of Bond the DB10 was present. An authentic movie car complete with hydraulic handbrake.


Sadly though not all Aston’s are in shiny concourse condition. This DBS needs some TLC after what looks like a very long time standing. These cars are out there people! Get finding and saving!


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