London Classic Car Show 2017: Jaguar

This year really started for me with the London Classic Car Show at the ExCeL in London. The show is a celebration of classic motoring and features many machines from the top marques of the 20th Century along with stands from restorers and classic car dealerships.

This week I shall be taking a look at the cars of the show. I will be doing a post about each of my favourite manufacturers to make covering this huge event easier. Today we will be looking at the cars present from Jaguar.

As one would expect at a show like this there were plenty of E-Types. There were a couple that really stood out from the crowd though. Firstly was this lightweight E-Type. Although they don’t look vastly different the lightweight massively differs from a regular E-Type in a number of ways. Firstly, as the name would suggest, the traditional body has been replaced with a lightweight and more aerodynamic aluminium body and aluminium block version of the 3.8 engine in the normal E-Type which was uprated to 300hp. Only 12 were made so it was an honour to see one in person.


The other E-Type that really struck my eye was this unrestored car. Unrestored/survivor rare cars seem to be fetching big money at the moment I would assume as it’s easier to restore from a blank canvas than have to deal with other people’s mistakes. I’m no stranger to survivor cars but was amazed to see an E-Type in such condition. I’d assumed they were all accounted for in heated garages.


That wasn’t the only survivor car present.   This XK would make a lovely project! In need of some welding though!


Once they are finished though XKs are beautiful cars! This white hard topped car with spats is argueably the most stunning XK I have ever seen!


Infact, I would go as far to say that it is one of the prettiest cars I’ve ever seen in real life!


Pretty cars with spats is also something Jaguar’s racing division are good at making. The Silk Cut liveried XJR Group C car was a favourite of my childhood. It was nice to see it in person!

There’s no smooth transition here but the C-X75 hybrid prototype was also present! This car debuted at the 2010 Paris motor show and 250 were supposed to be built. Sadly the program was cancelled in 2012.


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