London Classic Car Show 2017: Mercedes Benz

This year really started for me with the London Classic Car Show at the ExCeL in London. The show is a celebration of classic motoring and features many machines from the top marques of the 20th Century along with stands from restorers and classic car dealerships.

This week I shall be taking a look at the cars of the show. I will be doing a post about each of my favourite manufacturers to make covering this huge event easier. Today we will be looking at my personal favourite manufacturer Mercedes Benz.

As an owner and huge fan of a couple of young-timer classic Mercedes it was nice to see them represented at such a prestigious show. My beloved W124 platform was present in the shape of these two beautiful concourse examples of C124 coupes.


The red car even carries a 1991 ‘J’ registration, same as my estate!

The W124’s little brother the W201 was also there. This Cosworth Evo1 was in stunning condition. I like the DTM reference in the number plate too!


Although there were no S-Class saloons of this generation there were a couple of W126 coupes. One original and one with this mad 1980s wide arch body kit.


S-Class saloons of previous generations were present though. Here is a W116 S-Class.


The stacked headlight cars are so special. I’d love to own one some day. There were plenty at the show including this W108 saloon.


These W111 convertibles were exquisite machines. Perfect for cruising through southern France.


Of course we couldn’t talk stacked headlights without mentioning the famous W100 Grosser. Two were present at the show. dsc_0192dsc_0195
The W100 really was a special car. They had a massive presence in the show hall, on the road I would really imagine they make a statement! The same can be said for the pre-war cars of MB. Instantly recognisable thanks to their huge grills and sweeping lines. They command respect even today.


The oldest Benz present wasn’t a car from the 1930s however. Meet the 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen! This is normally on display at Mercedes Benz World Brooklands if you want to see it yourself.


By far the most popular variant was the SL. From the 190SL of the late 50s and early 60s…



…To it’s bigger brother the famous 300SL…


…To the Pagoda…

…The R107…



…Finally it was pleasant to see the R129 present. The 1990s cars are going to start becoming very collectable soon I think.


The car of the show for me however simply had to be the 300SLR W196S. Such a rare car with such an amazing history. A true honour to be able to see one of these in the metal.


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