Ferrari LMP slot car

My Dad has an MG Lola EX257 by Scalextric. A fine little machine but not one we’ve really had the pleasure of racing that often as there really aren’t that many LMP era cars on the second hand market at the moment and as stunning as the cars from Scalextric are I just can’t justify spending £35(ish) on a car like the Cadillac North Star that I really don’t know that much about and doesn’t really fit my collection.

Then one day when browsing a popular internet auction site this abomination stumbled into my life. I honestly couldn’t tell you what made me click the “buy it now” button but I would like to think it had something to do with demonic possession. At £10 British Sterling the seller certainly saw me coming.


This horrid little thing did sort of tick some boxes though. It’s based (loosely) on an LMP car (later than the MG I know but never mind), it’s Scalextric with the same Mabuchi motor as the MG, it was super cheap and it could be made into something that fit into my collection.

The two most prevalent manufacturers in my car are Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz. In my opinion it couldn’t be a Mercedes as the CLR was not really that long ago and this is far to different from the CLR to really be feasible. It just doesn’t look like a Mercedes to me either.

So what about Ferrari?

Some of Ferrari’s greatest automobiles have been at raced LeMans. The P3 and P4, the 250GTO and the 312P. These were all long ago though and whilst Ferarri have kept their noses in the GT class of recent years they have not competed at the top tier for quite some time. This means of course, that a car was never built and since a car was never built we don’t know what it would look like! Perfect for my little Scalextric car! Plus, I have some red paint and Ferrari decals haha!

So I present to you my “what if” Ferrari built a LMP 1 car (on a budget of £10).


I went with a Santander livery as the Abbey National became Santander in 2010 and 2010 LMP1 cars were closed cockpit. It’s also synonymous with Ferrari now.

It does need headlights! I just can’t get a design that looks right though.. I’ll keep working on it or if you have any ideas for designs please do let me know!

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