Good Deeds

It may come as some surprise for you but I actually find it very difficult to come up with content relating to mental health. I think it’s because as a whole we like to think of mental health as purely being psychiatric issues and, like the rest of the world, I have no magic words to say that will make things better or a step by step guide on how to live a perfectly happy, normal, balanced life without wanting to smash someones face in with a very large metal object. I’m still trying to figure that out for myself! Mental health is a lot more than just the clinical disorders though. Every living person has a mental health; they experience and interpret the world around them and all the emotions that come with it, both good and bad.

Humanity tends to remember the bad things; the dictators whose brutal rule leads to the genocide of innocent people, the long and bloody wars to fell the aforementioned dictator and the rioting and power struggles that follow his fall. At the lower echelons of society we have gangs preying on the innocent, starvation and racial inequality where as at the top we have portrayals of corrupt media, money hungry aristocrats and excessive consumption of materials those at the bottom so desperately need. From a young age we are taught to distrust those around us who are different and it has created a very divided society. I’m not saying this is a new problem. Tribes of humans have had distrust of each other since the dawn of time and individuals have sought to gain dominance over their spot of land and then their neighbour’s spot of land.

However, along with the bad comes an awful lot of good that goes unnoticed. The smallest acts can make someones day and can make their world seem a little less harsh. These small acts, in number, can also instil trust between people and create a sense of society which will make a much happier world for all of us.

As a collective I think we should all be doing our bit. People say you should do a good deed a day but why not do a good deed whenever the opportunity arises? At the end of the day who are we to say that we are too busy to open a door for someone, to say please and thank you or to smile and say good morning to a stranger. If we all got used to doing the little things then I honestly believe the well-being of our society can only get better.

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