Mercedes-Benz World 2018

Mercedes-Benz World, located at Brooklands in Surrey, is a car dealership with a huge driving facility which teaches advanced driving and allows visitors to experience the AMG range first hand.

They also have a display of historic and unusual Mercedes-Benz models and prototypes ranging from a replica of the Patent-Motorwagen, the world’s first production car built in 1885:


To the F200 concept; a car unveiled at the 1996 Paris Autoshow which displayed new control features the company had been working. The most unusual innovation on this car is the use of joysticks to drive it rather than the conventional steering wheel and pedals.


The stacked headlight Mercs are by far the prettiest cars they’ve ever built.


Although this earlier cabriolet certainly gives it a run for it’s money. I believe it’s a W186 but please correct me if that’s wrong. It looks very prestigious.


The W126 also still looks very prestigious. The Bruno Sacco designed cars were what initially drew me to the brand when I was really little. Apparently I used to call them “Somecedes” haha! It’s interesting to think those cars that really captivated me at 2-3 years old are what I’m driving about in today, although that would have been the 202,124 and 140. The 126 is a decade or so before my time.


There were a couple of more modern cars on display that are no longer in production. Instant classics I guess. The W204 C63 AMG Black Series and SLS AMG.


The museum also has a display of some of the company’s past Formula 1 cars:


Along with a exploded 3D diagram type display piece:


Here we have an AMG GT3 car. Still wearing it’s scars and dirt from battle!


The GT3 car was positioned in the AMG showroom area of the building. All the other current AMG cars were on display including the AMG GTR:


The GLA45. Not really a car I’ve paid much attention to before now.


The E63 coupe. One of the best looking cars in their current line up in my opinion.


There were a couple more AMG sports cars in the foyer, the GTC and GTS respectively.


There was also this diorama showcasing the G-Class in the wild. I like the G-Class, whilst having lots of toys inside they still look pretty rugged and if they would do ok off road. That’s more than be said for a lot of the modern soft off-roaders on the market.


Most of the building is dedicated to showcasing Mercedes current line up of cars from their highly successful new A-Class platform:

To the mighty W222 S-Class:


The C and E Classes are the back bone of the company in my opinion. I can’t honestly think of a C or E class that I don’t like. Even the unusual looking W210 was a nice car inside.


Here we have the little SLK. A hugely successful platform over the years.


Alongside it’s bigger brother. The advanced Grand Tourer the SL.

MB World is an interesting place to go and have a look round and is completely free to get in! If you’re having a day out at Brooklands it’s well worth taking the 5 minute walk over to have a nose at what’s going on. They are always changing their displays too so there is always something new to see!

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By Richard Francis

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