The Supercars of SEMA 2022

Hi everyone, so this is going to be the penultimate article of my SEMA 2022 coverage.

The article was actually a bit of a last minute idea. I flew around the show after some seminars in the last two hours of the show collecting these pics, literally as people were beginning to pack up!

This won’t be my most professional article – and I had debated not writing it and skipping straight ahead to SEMA Ignited – but there’s some really cool stuff I want to share here and chat about. The best stuff is at the end of the article, but if you don’t want to miss a plethora of twin turbo Lamborghinis and a pink Ferrari F40, don’t skip ahead!

There were a couple of cars that I missed which I wanted to capture. I’m going to link in the owner’s Instagram accounts at the opportune moments so you can check them out if you would like to.

There was a very strong Lamborghini presence at SEMA 2022 – most notably with the Huracan platform which seems to have a lot of aftermarket support.

There are a number of companies offering twin turbo conversions which the Huracan’s V10 seems to take well to. If you get the opportunity look up events such as Shift S3ctor and TX2K to see these cars run. They are incredible!

Alex Choi’s twin turbo Huracan. This car has been through several iterations over the years. When I last saw it in 2019 it had a sort of strange exoskeleton. I much prefer the Super Trofeo race car body kit.

There were a wide range of modifed Huracans at SEMA 2022. None of them I found distasteful. Perhaps one would become one of my many lottery win builds.

The Audi R8, despite sharing the same drivetrain as the Huracan, doesn’t seem to get anywhere near as much love.

In the UK a V10 powered Audi R8 costs about half of its’ Lamborghini counterpart. I’d think this would make one a good option for building a race car. However, the Audi doesn’t have the presence of the Lamborghini.

There were also quite a few of the Huracan’s bigger, twelve cylinder brother- the Aventador displayed at SEMA.

I don’t see that many Gallardos anymore. I actually can’t recall the last time I saw one on the road or at a show.

One of the cars I sadly missed was the Lamborghini Sian Roadster. It was on the XPEL stand, which you are able to read about here:

There weren’t that many Ferraris in the show.

One of the biggest talking points of the show was this pink Ferrari F40. I doubt Maranello are too pleased, but I actually quite like it. The BBS wheels really finish it off nicely.

Another car I sadly saw in person but didn’t have the foresight to photograph was the Stanceworks 1000hp Honda K-Series swapped Ferrari 308. It’s an incredible thing which you can read about here: Hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of this car in the future!

A brand with a strong presence at SEMA was McLaren. There were a number of nice examples on show.

This is a KTM X-Bow GTX. It’s a track only LeMans style race car. It weighs 1048KG (the actual monocoque of the car weighs only 80KG!) and produces 530hp from an Audi inline 5. Its’ an incredible toy!

Speaking of LeMans style race cars – this is a Mazda RT24-P Daytona Prototype International IMSA race car based on the Riley Mk30 LMP2 chassis.

It’s only been run by Mazda Motorsports so far. Apparently there have been plans to build these for customers, though nothing of that has come so far.

This Mercedes AMG GT had a certain GT3 look to it. The additional aero really suits these cars and makes them look aggressive in my opinion.

Back to the road cars – we have America’s own Hennessey Venom F5.

The plan for this is to simply make the world’s fastest production car. It’s mid engined and rear wheel driven. The 6.6 litre twin turbo V8 generates 1817hp and the car weighs just 1360KG. This gives us a power to weight ratio of 1298hp per ton. My mind still boggles at Koenigsegg making cars that produce 1000hp per ton. This is a big step up!

Theorised top speed is 334 mph. From what I’ve found, Hennessey’s current development goal is to break 310 mph. That’s astounding for a road car!

The Apollo IE (Intensa Emozione). Imagine popping to Tesco and seeing this in the car park. It has to be one of the craziest looking road cars ever produced.

It also has a 780bhp 6.3 litre V12 so I’d imagine it goes as well as it looks.

Sadly, they are only making 10 and all have sold. I would actually do overtime at my day job if I thought I had a chance of getting one of these. It would take a lot of overtime though as they cost $2,670,000 USD.

We’ll end on the Zenvo TSR-S which actually looks quite normal in comparison to the Apollo.

There were apparently two at the show. I’m afraid I only saw the one.

The most fascinating thing about these is the Centripetal Wing which moves about, distributing downforce to the inside wheel as it corners.

This video from Cars Insider explains it better than I can.

AS you can see the wing is folded back here as the rear clam shell is open.

Inside the Zenvo:

Thanks for reading. I apologise that I missed a couple of cars. As I create the content for you guys I’m learning, so hopefully next year’s posts will be even better!

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By Richard Francis

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