SEMA Ignited 2022

SEMA Ignited is the official after party of the SEMA Show.

On the afternoon of Friday the 4th November, the cars of the show cruised from the Convention Centre to the West Hall parking lot where the main Ignited event would be held.

There was live music, drifting demonstrations, vendors and food stands.

It was a pretty relaxed evening for me and it was a nice way to round off SEMA 2022.

I want this post to sort of reflect that. I didn’t really go into Ignited with a ‘theme’ in mind as I have done for the rest of my SEMA posts. I just took some pics of some of the stuff I liked and we can just have a bit of a chilled chat about it.

Lifted trucks are a huge part of the SEMA Show. I enjoy seeing them at SEMA because there really isn’t a scene for them in the U.K, and they’re so different to what I normally see at the different car events that I usually cover.

I admire them, but they don’t really fit into my usual content, and honestly I don’t really know enough about them to write about them with any sort of credibility.

I did snap some quick shots of a couple of the trucks that I liked though.

I liked this shot with Encore in the background. I need to play around with my settings so I can shoot better indoors and in the dark. I do feel it’s letting the quality of this blog down. I sadly only noticed the noise once the pics were uploaded to my PC.

By far the craziest truck I saw was this Ford featuring all of these speakers that fold. It was incredibly loud!

This is called The Ricochet and it’s made by a company called Plan B Trucks.

It is based on a Hummer H1 platform, can withstand rifle fire (B6 ballistic protection so will keep you safe from AK47s etc) and my favourite feature is the machine gun mount on the roof.

I absolutely need one for work. Door dings in the public car park will no longer be a concern.

Trucks don’t have to be huge though. Mini trucks with dancing beds are an off shoot of lowrider culture.

This one was parked up and static, but if you have a moment search up dancing truck beds on YouTube. They’re pretty cool!

It was apparently quite a big trend in the 80s and 90s and hopefully it’s on its’ way back in!

The pink F40 which featured in my last post:

There were a plethora of other supercars too.

I’m not exactly sure what this is, but it was cool!

The U.K market sadly never got Hyundai’s Genesis Coupe. We got what the American market would call the Tiburon (it was imaginatively called the Hyundai Coupe here).

The Genesis is rear driven and came with a choice of a turbocharged inline 4 or a V6. You don’t really see that many in the motorsport scene in comparison to the Nissan 370Z of similar vintage.

Actually it was nice to see one in person. The last I would have seen would have been Rhys Millen’s Formula Drift car in Atlanta wayyyy back in 2012. (Sidenote: I would have been 18. Feels like a life time ago.)

Tom Bailey’s ‘Sick Seconds’ Camaro – the world’s quickest road legal car. It’s pretty much a Pro Mod race car with a licence plate.

It is also for sale. You can find the listing here:

VIP would you rather – the Lincoln Continental or the Toyota Century?

There were a number of classic American cars scattered about Ignited.

I’m not sure if they’re considered classics yet, but I really liked this Impala. It gave off a very ‘early 2000s music video’ vibe.

Back in the day these were used a lot for police cars. I’d love a Chevrolet Impala or Ford Crown Victoria black and white police car if I were to buy a vacation home in the States. They were in all the movies and TV shows when I was a kid. They’re synonymous with America to me.

Attacking The Clock Racing’s R32 Skyline.

The Nissan Z from the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational, which you can read about here:

We’ll end today’s thread with something completely different. A Red Bull Formula 1 car.

Thanks for reading. I’m afraid Ignited marks the end of my SEMA ’22 coverage. It was a phenomenal show. I’m really glad I had the opportunity to go back and I’m sure this won’t be my last SEMA.

I still have the Vegas Formula One launch party to cover and a few projects already lined up for next year. If you don’t want to miss them, hit the subscibe button at the bottom of the page to be notified whenever I post.

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By Richard Francis

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