1910 Omnibus Slot Car Build Part-2

In the last post (which can be found here: https://motorsportformentalhealth.com/2016/08/02/1910-omnibus-slot-car-build-part-1/ ) we painted the passengers on the bus and got the bus primed. Now it is time for assembly of the body to begin.

I was intending to start by painting the seats then gluing them to the floor pan, however it wasn’t exactly clear how they would go in without the front and side walls as a marker, so the front wall went on first.


The grey part you can see ahead of the wall is the bench the driver sits on. It’s there for support at the second and will be painted shortly!

Sadly, even with that front wall on the mountings for the interior seats really aren’t that apparent. According to the instructions they mount onto the floor before the outer walls go on but I want them to sit right up against the wall (obviously) so I’m going to add that before the seats. The reason the position of the seats isn’t apparent is the mount is a lot narrower than the seat itself and th back of the seat isn’t solid so I can’t get it 100% flush without the wall being present.


Drivers seat painted!


I also added the list of fares on the wall and stuck the windows into that section of walling. Do any of you know of a glue that doesn’t smear like that on clear plastic? It’s a pain in the bum to get off!


Finally I added a little dust and dirt to the floor. The whole bus will be appropriately weathered. I will be doing dirt on both floors to signify footfall and there will be dirt around the chassis/wheel wells too as there would be on the proper vehicle.

That’s all I’ve had time to do today! Part 3, however, can be found here: https://motorsportformentalhealth.com/2016/08/19/omnibus-slot-car-build-part-3/

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