How to Change your Spark Plugs

Along with changing your oil every year you should also change your spark plugs. A spark plug change is a little more in depth than an oil change but as with any sort of servicing it is something that can be easily done on your driveway.

Now I must confess it has been over a year since I did mine. It’s been one of those jobs that I know I need to do but for one reason or another haven’t actually got around to doing it (laziness).

Firstly you will need to buy your replacement spark plugs. Most big car parts dealers such as Euro Car Parts and Motor Parts Direct have a registration system, so you enter your reg and then you can select the compatible parts. Today I will be using Bosch Super 4s which improves performance and efficiency “through surface-air-gap technology. The plug itself chooses the best route for the spark to insure safe ignition”. Basically you get 4 earth electrodes with a live in the centre of them rather than 1 earth and one live.


It’s also worth picking some ignition leads up whilst you are there. I have the ‘knack’ of getting them off now but I have broken them before and they are quite easy to break. I’ll explain the knack a little later on.


Finally you will need a spark plug socket. You can buy a spark plug wrench but I prefer using the socket so I can use a decent breaker bar. If like me you are of small frame you might find some of the old ones to be in stronger than you are so I like to be able to use my 15 inch 1/4 breaker bar if my 8 inch 3/8ths breaker bar isn’t enough therefore I also recommend having a set of socket adaptors to hand if you need a bigger breaker bar.


Firstly you will need to remove the ignition lead from the spark plug. To do this get a hold of the rubber part above the metallic sleeve that goes over the spark plug. NOT THE LEAD ITSELF. Jiggle it up and down and gently pull it towards yourself and it should pop off revealing the spark plug below.



Now put your spark plug socket in and click your ratchet into place.


With it out you can see just how badly they needed changing!


Installing the new one is pretty much the reversal of taking it out. Screw the new one into place then pop the ignition lead on afterwards. Make sure the plug is in tight and the lead is on securely!

Now carry on along all 4/6/8/10/12 cylinders you have.


With all 4 old ones and out and 4 new ones in it’s time to start it up!

Nice and simple!


Thanks for reading!

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