Mercedes Graveyard

If you find yourself in Billericay Essex, on Southend Road you will find a Mercedes Breakers tucked away behind a couple of cottages. He holds a massive stock of Mercedes old and new(ish).

His yard is a dire place for a Mercedes lover such as myself. Although the parts will eventually go into other cars it’s hard to see them standing and unloved.

There are a handful of W124 estates there. Many of which were probably in better condition when they were brought in than mine was when I brought it! Now they are all just rotting away in the hedges…


I believe this R107 SL was a customers car, it got to leave. Some sadly don’t have that pleasure.


Many of the W124’s predecessor; the W123 also came here to die.


the S-Class is not immune. Here lie two W116s along with a W140…


…and a W108. I put in a offer to buy this car but it was rejected. Probably for the best as I have no where to keep it and rust has probably taken most of the floor.


The other car I really had my eye on, and that didn’t look like it had been standing for too long was this black SEC Series coupe. 11057217_10206719888499624_2087004996803643230_n

He has other SEC Series coupes it’s not like he would miss one!


However, if you are in the market for parts be sure to look this guy up. He has many many cars!

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