New Daily: Designo W202 C240 Sport.

Chaps and Chapettes!

So after threatening for months to buy myself a new daily car so I can do some repairs and upgrades on the W124 I finally did it!

Meet my new ‘Designo’ W202 C240 Sport!


As with all C240 Sports the car comes with a 2.4ltr V6


6 spoke alloy wheels


Swish carbon trim on the B-pillars


However, this particular cars piece de resistance is the interior: black and blue leather straight from Designo!!


With the climate control found normally in W140 S-Classes, heated and electric seats, and the tape deck and 6 CD changer normally found in early W203s


It’s a one off car that I just couldn’t resist!! There are a few bits I want to do to it so you will be seeing it in the blog a little more often I am sure. She stands well alongside the W124 that’s for sure!


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