Omnibus Slot Car Build Part 7

Hi chaps and chapettes,

Today, finally, the slot bus is finished!! If you missed the last post it can be found here:

The last few parts to discuss are wiring and wheels!

Wiring a slot car is super straight forward. Strips of braided copper wire or a silvery material called ‘braids’ are held into the guide which goes into the slot itself. The current is transferred from the braid into a wire which runs up to the motor, the current turnes the motor then comes out the wire on the other side and back down to the track through the second braid. Dead simple!


I’m using Penelope Pitlane wire wheel inserts made specifically for the wheels. The inserts do come as a two part kit but I actually think they look better with just the single spoke’d part in there. The back of the wheel is also painted black as obviously it would look a little weird if it wasn’t. If you have used this type of wheel on your car please send me pictures!


And that’s it! Job done for now! It runs and drives!

Sorry for such a short post. After 7 posts and 4 months of working on it on and off I am quite fed up of writing about it as you can probably tell haha! Next project will be a little more ‘motorsport’ inspired and a little different so make sure  sure to follow me on Twittube and Faceagram!

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Thanks for reading!

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