Morris Minor Ice Cream Van: What to do?!

So for literal years I have been saying I want to build the Morris Minor ice cream van kit that Pendle Slot Racing make. El Mothero got it for me for Christmas but now I have it I have no idea on how I want to make it!

First things first lets have a look at the kit. Like the George Turner Bentley ( ) the body comes with it’s own resin chassis specifically made for it.


The running gear provided with the kit all fell into place nicely and a resin clamp holds down the back end of the motor and the gears. This clamp is screwed onto the chassis as the whole chassis is screwed onto the body… If that makes sense? It is all held together by a single set of long screws.


the body is pretty cool! The actual base of the truck could easily be used as a regular pick up truck if you made a wall for the back of the cab. That wouldn’t be as fun as an ice cream truck though!


The ice cream truck bit comes as 4 resin walls and a roof. Obviously there are vacuum formed windows and interior for both the rear and front of the van.


All this fits together nicely and requires absolutely no modification!


The body also fits to the chassis nicely which means that there is no modification done there and it’s ready for paint to begin!


That’s where my problem begins though. How do I paint this? A quick search of vintage ice cream trucks brings up some stunning results!

So what do you guys think? Leave me some suggestions in the comments of ths post or contact me at any of the following!

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