Omnibus Slot Car Build Part-3

Having painted the figures in part 1: …

…and having sprayed and started building the body in part 2:

… It was time to assemble the rest of the lower body.

Assembling the body of a 1910 bus should be a fairly simple task. It is basically building a box! However Being an old Airfix cast it has some what warped which meant nothing quiet fitted together correctly. As with any DIY kind of thing it’s important to take your time and make sure that everything is straight! A more ‘well off’ establishment would hold glued pieces together with a vice to make sure they were straight. However here we have to do things by hand!


Having been held in place by the clamps that god gave me the sides are in place! I used polycement glue to ‘weld’ the plastic together. Be careful not to get any on your fingers if you are holding pieces of your model together as it does take paint off! (As I found out)

The instructions suggested putting the seats in before gluing the walls on but I found it much much easier doing it the other way around. The seats do have guides on them to show where they need to go on the floor pan but I found that the walls also helped to get the seats in the right place.


Finally the back wall can go on. Again this needed to be coaxed into the place Airfix intended it to go as it had twisted.


Finally it was time for the roof/second floor to go on. This was banana shaped before being stuck on! Thankfully the polycement is strong and will hold the twisted parts in the way we want them to be.


Then that’s it! That’s all the progress I have made on the bus! Painting and trying to get things straight! Next ‘episode'(which can be found here: ) we will be doing some chassis work and building the front of the bus.

Hope to speak to you all soon!

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